Software Advice For Managers

Software Advice assists buyers with the process of purchasing software by offering personalised software recommendations that meet business requirements. Software Advice was founded in 2005 and provides one-on-1 advice assistance, objective research and trusted insights that help users find the most suitable solutions for their specific circumstances. Buyers also get access to unbiased market reports, detailed assessments and comparisons of different software systems, and phone consultations with industry experts. Software Advice also provides various free tools and resources such as a vendor matching tool, an analyst certification program, and a community with verified user reviews. Software Advice is part of the Gartner Digital Markets family of review sites and has helped more than 750,000 people find the most suitable software for their business.

The employees of Software Advice are committed to maintaining a culture of excellent customer service, which has made them an industry leader for retention and acquisition of customers. The satisfaction of employees is high, and Software Advice’s best practices for hiring and training employees have been recognized.

Software Advice was listed as one the top 100 employers by The Austin Business Journal and named Top Workplace by Texas Monthly. Software Advice’s management are highly effective in motivating and engaging their teams. This results in high productivity. The company has also been praised for its innovative approach to technology and making use of social media to expand the brand. In fact, Software Advice was the first review site online to launch a dedicated social media channel for each one of its reviewed products.